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I realize that I am not the only one out there that is struggling with weight. In fact I know that most of the American public is struggling with it in some form or another. Finding quality clothing especially when you are struggling with a weight issue is hard enough. Being heavy and trying to find clothing that accentuates your figure rather than hides it or flaws it even more can be downright impossible. The worst thing you can do when you are heavy is wear clothing that is larger than you are in hopes of trying to hide the fact that you are struggling with a weight issue. Too many people do this. They wear tent like cover up clothing which just accentuates or draws attention to them in a distorted way.

I was guilty of this for many years and still find myself doing this to this very day every once in a while. I would wear sweats or leisure outfits which of course, were extremely comfortable and I thought hid my weight pretty darn good but as my Grandma always said made me look sloppy and indeed even heavier.  It is easy to fall into this rut for many reasons but the two biggest reasons are expense and style. Heavier people really have a difficult time finding clothing that number one, fit and number two, don’t cost an arm or a leg.

Too many stores such as department stores really cater to slender framed people and even if they offer larger sizes, they are astronomically priced and they are for slender heavy people if that makes any sense.

and as far as specialty stores go just forget about it! That’s when I found Catherine’s Plus Sizes. They have some of the most beautiful outfits along with all the essentials of every woman needed in a day no matter what it is your day is demanding from you (underwear including bras and other lingerie, casual wear, leisure wear, sleep wear, business wear, formal wear, coats, accessories, etc.) They have unbelievable sizing and extremely attractive pricing. I’ve been wearing Catherine’s for years and years and they have awesome sales and a Perks card to boot. They offer their own credit card as well.

I think this store can do no wrong personally and no matter what my weight is doing such as fluctuating one way or another, I can find just the right size for me. I even wore their clothing through all four of my pregnancies rather than trying to find maternity wear that fit me just so.  My husband loves my clothing and often surprises me with a new outfit or a replacement wardrobe when it’s time. I think that when a store can provide clothing that makes you proud of your body rather than unhappy about your weight that store deserves kudos and in deed somebody shouting it from the rooftops so here I am!