About Us

About Us

All of Riebesehl Family Law’s blogs are PR & family (G Rating) friendly. We love reviewing products and hosting giveaway events. We are always looking for family friendly products to review. If you are interested please contact me at riebesehlfamilylaw@gmail.com. We’d love to hear from you!
Phoenix, Arizona’s (85032) Riebesehl Family Law bringing you AZ family law representation (by attorney at law Gregory A. Riebesehl (602) 621-0779 /www.azdivorcelaw.org) & global World Wide Web family coaching, kids & parenting, marriage, home & family living enrichment instructables & irresistible finds, product reviews, DIY, money saving ideas, money making opportunities, social media, crafts, books, blogging tutorials, crockpot cooking, meals in a jar, and so much more! (by momblogger Kelli M. Riebesehl) We love what we do because we do it with you! “Your vibe attracts your tribe!”

Meet the Reviewers

Kelli and Greg are parents to 5 beautiful and amazing children, ages range from 10 years old all the way up to 29 years old. We are always having youngsters of all ages at our house either to babysit or have over for sleepovers and play dates. Greg and Kelli have professional backgrounds in early childhood education and development, writing, family law, psychology, marketing, web and graphic design and search engine optimization. They are very happily married and are the best of friends and partners in crime.:o) They love trying out new products such as toys, books, movies, games, gadgets, clothing, accessories, equipment, gear, anything having to do with home and family, etc. for babies, toddlers, preschoolers, school age children, tween, teen, and young adult products. They also have an adorable new puppy, a cat, a guinea pig, fish, 3 ferrets, etc. who enjoy testing out pet products!

About The Bloggers

Gregory A. Riebesehl

Gregory is a Phoenix based family law attorney whom adores his family. He loves the law and representing his clients. He derives a great deal of pleasure in helping people. After the day is done and he’s played with his children, helped prepare dinner and put the children to bed he loves social media and blogging and is thrilled that he can spend time with Kelli doing so.  Kelli excited him about the prospect of doing product reviews by showing him that many blogs don’t cater a great deal towards the men in the family. That’s where the two of them realized they could make such a difference in product reviews and sharing the family from the male perspective.

Kelli M. Riebesehl

Kelli is a Phoenix based Momblogger whom adores being a mother to her little ones who aren’t so little anymore (’88, ’00, ’03, ’04, ’06). As much as she adores little itty bitties she loves being right in the midst of the tweens and teens and gets plenty of time with youngsters when she’s babysitting, which happens quite often. When she isn’t running the Phoenix based family law firm, Riebesehl Family Law Offices, with her husband (attorney Gregory A. Riebesehl), where she is a part-time paralegal, office manager, web designer, social media guru, advertising/marketing specialist, etc. she has a variety of interests and activities. She loves that she can be at home for the kids and still socialize online, work with brands, and use her special skills to create something that is her very own.

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