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We bought this wrap because our friend’s baby is very fussy with colic and always wanting to be held and we were babysitting her. When we had our first baby of our newest baby bunch, we bought a wrap for a similar situation- fussiness and a bit of colic and it worked wonders. We loved the wrap so much that we bought it in several colors to match every outfit I had and every activity imaginable. I wore our baby like crazy. It seemed like each time we sought help for our baby’s behaviors, we would find several suggestions pointing to wearing our baby. Our baby loved it. So with our friend’s new baby we couldn’t help but try what worked for us. We wore her baby and actually got some work done around the house (we were babysitting her for the whole day so we had to get things done.) She loves being held closely and the movement of me going about my day. She absolutely loves most sounds especially the vacuum cleaner. Whenever it seemed like we just couldn’t do anything to calm her, we would whip out the baby wrap and after we put her in it (at first it took a little bit of practice and watching the video that’s on YouTube) she was content and ready to go. After a little while she’d be fast asleep. This is definitely more comfortable than the other carriers and easy on my back. You just can’t go wrong getting one of these or rather many of them in different colors and patterns. We sent it home with our friend and she absolutely loves it.