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Last night I was using yet another fairly expensive (when you go through them at least every couple of weeks :O() hand-held can opener to open a can of Bush’s Black Beans to put in our salad that I was fixing for dinner and it went berserk on me of course opening sections of the lid but not enough to get into the can for the beans. So we decided today to buy another electric can opener (the last one we had disappeared into the abyss on our move a couple of months ago- that or our puppy ate it which is entirely possible even probable if you’ve been reading about our adorable pet shark :o)) and today I purchased the Cuisinart CCO-50BKN Electric Can Opener in black on Amazon. I am so excited! I was looking at them in Walmart last night while shopping and I got to play with the model. I tell you it opened up the can in no time. One of the sales associates was using it to open up cans of fruit for a sample of a fruit salad they were preparing and serving to entice customers to buy some with their dinner purchases from the Deli and I asked her if I could try it since I was in the market for a new electric can opener. It worked wonders. It opened up that can with precision and speed. How could I not want one? It is almost absurd to continue purchasing hand-held models at just half the price especially when they break down within weeks usually. That’s another thing. This can opener is gorgeous with such a sleek contour and hardly takes up any counter space and with that being said I could hardly believe the price. I’m sure everyone will be wanting one once they see it online or in person on the shelf. Let me know what you think if you have one or have ever used Cuisinart products before. I know just how reliable the product is because we have other Cuisinart products. Well until next time take care, Kelli 

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