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I love our puppy like crazy but there isn’t anything she won’t eat except for her dog food but that’s another story for another time. I knew something was wrong the minute I woke up this morning and saw the tiny plastic white bristles scattered all over the floor beside our bed. Boo Boo just can’t get enough of just about everything but especially hair brushes and as way the ball bounces would have it she especially loves our teen daughter’s hair brushes. I’m buying one at least every 3-5 days. Walmart can’t keep up. I need to scrap the more expensive ones and buy them in bulk.

Trust me nothing makes a teen girl crazier than someone messing with her hair. Well nothing that is unless there’s no brush she’ll use but hers. Let me just tell you that you should have brought your lawn chairs and some cold drinks for the king size fit that our little pumpkin pie threw. I tell you it’s a really good thing that I had all of those precious moments with her as an adorable little one building up to some of these days or we would just throw her away and start over. YIKES! She was like Warner Brother’s Tasmanian Devil with porcupine quills on energy drinks just wailing about her tangles and having to leave the house.

She flat out refused to even get in the car to go to the store and buy her another one. I think we need medication or something :O)!Make that medication for  us and getting through the teen years! We have two more right behind her- one is about 3 months from 13 and the other one just turned 11. We have two older ones but somehow we’ve survived them so far! This baby bunch has been sassier since the beginning and up until now it’s been down right adorable so please Lord help us not only survive them but enjoy them as well! We’d love any advice out there!