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Quite a while back I mentioned that my hubby had gone a bit crazy and had turned vegetarian. When I say a bit crazy I’m in no way inferring that vegetarianism is crazy or that vegetarians are crazy. I actually have the utmost respect for them. It’s just as I mentioned in my post about him I really thought he would be the last person on the planet that would change his lifestyle so drastically. He is the most disciplined person when it comes to just about everything but his health. So for him to just up and decide that he was going vegetarian or better yet that he was just suddenly vegetarian with no planning or advanced notice was just way out there but that’s just the way he went vegetarian.

And so far so good- no amazing! I’m so proud of my hubby. He’s been vegetarian for about a month. Every meal is one of great strategy. Being Type 2 Diabetic and vegetarian takes quite a bit of planning to ensure that he consumes enough nutrients with protein being the most important focus. We’ve found that even though one might say varying your daily diet to get all the nutrients you need is the way to go, we have found this newfound lifestyle easier if we have the same menus daily so far with just a little bit of variation. It makes it easier for him to record his intake meeting all his daily requirements nutrient wise all while trying to get his blood sugars under control.

His blood sugars have been horribly out of control for years now and he just never could get his carbohydrate intake under control. It’s like he was addicted or something. He wanted to be healthy and live a very long life especially for his children but he just couldn’t stop himself at just one plate at dinner. And dinner was always high in carbs mainly because it is cheaper especially for a large family to serve carbohydrate rich meals. For a very long time he has been contemplating whether or not to have the weight loss surgery and now we are finding new hope. Carbs continue to be a struggle for us but serving up a plant rich diet is now becoming a replacement for carbs. For example, today we ate at Chipotle and he had a bowl to go with fajita veggies taking the place of brown rice, black beans, tofu, corn salsa, and guacamole. He left out the brown rice, cheese, and sour cream which stumped me until I asked him, “Why?” and he replied, “Because he was watching his calories.” Again, I was so proud of him! He apparently has been not only recording his food everyday but also his medications, his calories, his weight, his exercise (which is another post in itself coming up), and his diabetes information(blood sugars, insulin usage, sugar intake, etc.) He has this great phone app that houses all this health information.

I know throughout this post I have been referring to my hubby’s newfound habits as we and our but we are together 24/7 and we do everything together. I have turned about 75% vegetarian but I still have meat usually in the evening meal. It’s really hard to prepare food for everybody including our children and pets and be around the food I serve them and not eat what they are eating. I have dental difficulties and salad and raw veggies are a bit of a challenge for me to chew so I always seem to grab what it is I’ve cooked for the children to meet my nutritional requirements. I guess I should mention that I am also Diabetic. As you can see we suffer the same obstacles. When I post about his exercise issues you will see just how similar our situations are.

In closing I just want to say once again that I am so proud of my hubby in so many ways! Really I’m proud of us both because we are really making changes and so far sticking with them. I’m going to be super positive here and make a positive statement instead of saying so far sticking with them. We’re making changes for the better and we’re going to not only stick to them but this is just the beginning. Thank you for being such a great audience and for being here with us in the beginning of our newest adventure in the Riebesehl Family! See you next time!:o)