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I have found myself in the market for a diaper bag again. No, we’re not expecting and no grand babies as of yet (thank goodness given that our little ones are tween and early teen.) We have been babysitting our good friends baby a great deal and I’m not overly fond of their diaper bag so I thought we would get one of our own. It helps us not only carry all the baby items that we need with our good friends’ baby but also our kids’ odds and ends. Actually I love diaper bags for many reasons. They make great bags for just about everything. We’ve used them for diaper bags, day bags, overnight bags, grocery bags, purses, athletic bags, shopping totes, weekender, travel carry-ons, etc. I’ve even used mine for brief cases and computer bags. In truth, I’ve missed having diaper bags around lately so this is definitely a welcome purchase of ours. I love Kate Spade’s New York Classic Spade Stevie Baby Bag in Black And Cream. It’s such a classic. It is definitely a unisex bag and my son really likes it. It’s one of the first bags that he thinks is really nice and isn’t embarrassed about having to help carry.
I have packed the perfect diaper bag. I have the bottle compartment, wet/dirty clothes baggie, first aid kit, sewing kit, wipes container, blankets, spare outfits, sweater, spit up cloths, socks, bibs, formula, pacifiers, bottles with nursery water, pouch with hair ties, safety pins, etc. brush, diapers, pouch for our doggy poopie sacs, diaper rash ointment, lotion, aquaphor, and more. What all do you pack in your diaper bag? What is the perfect diaper bag? For all the missing essentials, remember I still have my purse that I’m carrying with us.
Bottom line, we love this diaper bag and I can guarantee that I’m going to have it around for a long time even after our baby charge has long grown.
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