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We love this coffee machine. I used every ploy (within reason and good taste of course :O)) known to man to try and convince my hubby that we need a new one and he finally agreed. I was so thrilled to order it and then so excited when it arrived. The grown ups in our family all have such different tastes and tend to come and go at different times so we need a machine that meets our needs and this one not only meets our needs but exceeds our needs. If you read the directions you will have a perfect cup every time. It is so great t o have a fresh cup instead of stale leftovers. The early riser- me- would always have to measure out how much liquid different favorite mugs would hold to know how much I would need to choose. We started with the refillable pods (a set of 5) and they do a terrific job and save a ton of money. And we can each choose from an assortment of flavors of coffee and other favored drink choices. It comes with extra filters and an easy to understand manual. We got the carafe for when we need a potful quickly like when company visits. It makes coffee very fast. It makes it as rapidly as our Bunn coffeemaker, which is very fast indeed. You need to beware of overfilling a reusable pod or you’ll get some spillage when preparing the cup. The touch screen is very intuitive and easy to operate. The fact that it has an eco-mode where it goes off when not in use is awesome especially when it comes to peace of mind for the safety conscious. You can set the amount of time it stays on when you use it so it won’t shut off on you in the middle of operating it while you’re preparing a meal or what not. The lid opening is big enough that you won’t spill water everywhere when filling it. I love our K575 model. My husband did a lot of research before selecting this model and given it’s versatility he’s thrilled with our purchase as well. I’m thinking about selecting more purchases while he’s in this mood :o)-wish me luck! I’ll let you know how it goes with the future reviews of our new products. Take care until next time, Kelli