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Earlier today, my son and daughters finished their chores, collected their allowances, and went to Walmart to buy their mini pool. The one they have their eyes on is $400 and quite a bit bigger so they needed  something to keep their dream alive and keep them cooled off mean while. This is all theirs. They don’t want mommy and daddy to pay for it or to put it together for them. They want to do it all on their own. Their very special project is putting this pool together and getting it ready to swim in it and then of course, swimming in it for the afternoon.  They are all so excited and watching them work together putting the pool together is so cute. They are all so big! They got the pool, a garden hose, pool chlorine, etc. all for such a great price at Walmart. Woops! I take it back- looks like there’s trouble in paradise. Yes, there’s major drama in paradise- the girls have taken the pool away from their little brother because he stepped in the pool as they’re filling it.  He’s been banned until they say other wise. So guess what- mommy’s got to interfere and get his pool privileges reinstated because that’s what mommies do especially for their little boys especially when they’re the baby- what can I say! Okay I’m back and all’s well! I just simply used the Mother’s Day ticket. It’s amazing what that can do for you all day long on your special day long!

Well so far so good. The pool is well on it’s way and they’re almost ready to wade around in the water. And their little brother (which is kind of funny considering there’s just a year in between all of them so he’s barely their little brother) has his pool privileges reinstated so he’s ready to go too! They did an amazing job assembling it on their own. Daddy was in the wings ready to jump in anytime they needed him but to his dismay, they didn’t need him. Check out the pictures so far:

Watching the kids with their project and spending a quiet day at home with my sweetie and our puppy along with having a great long distance phone conversation with my mom has been a great Mother’s Day. The only thing that would make it better is if my mom (and dad) were here with us! I hope everyone else out there is having as lovely a day as I’m having!