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I love this activity desk! It is truly a life saver when trying to distract a toddler out of trouble. We happen to have it on hand because we have good friends with small children and we had purchased it knowing that not only would they visit often with their little ones but also we most likely would babysit quite often and we would need some younger set toys to have on hand. The other night is just one of these times when we had them over for dinner and their daughter would not stop chasing the dog. It was adorable at first but then quickly became a problem. We locked the dog in a room where she could rest quietly and not be in constant fear of her life from said toddler. But then we had a teary eyed toddler so we brought this out for her to play with and she had a bast. It entertained her and her brother for a very long time leaving the grown ups some much needed frown up time to talk. 

As far as the toy goes. The desk appears to be in good quality and durable. It is the perfect size for little ones. Aside from the activity mats, there is a music player, telephone, and display that shows how to write letters, numbers and draw shapes. The desk is very interactive and holds a toddler’s attention for very long periods of time. I love that this one has expansion packs because that expands the learning potential. This toy is definitely a great educational toy. It makes learning fun! I Highly recommend this!