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Yes that’s right- from BooBoo The Precious to Zool The Destructor! That’s what Daddy wants. Of course this time he found a whole rotten chicken from the garbage in his new orthotic shoe which she had absconded away with and hid behind the sofa. No worries though because he’s still crazy about her. I think if the truth be told he’s been after this name for quite a while. He’s wanted it ever since we first got her at 10 weeks and she tore up my right hand with her puppy playfulness. I had no idea her little bitty teeth could do that kind of damage but I still have the scars to prove it. He has always believed that a German Shepherd/Rottweiler mix was just way too hefty and thick through the middle to have such a cuddly and dainty name.

Actually we named her BooBoo for a couple of reasons but the one that hit home with us was “Yes, she’ll give you boo boos. Just look at my hand! Don’t mess with her!” I wanted BooBoo because- well because it was dainty and cuddly- and in the beginning she was just so small and down right adorable.

So what do all of you think? Should we keep BooBoo or rename her Zool?

Take care until next time, Kelli (I’ve got to go and clean up the chicken from inside my husband’s shoe- ewwwwww!!!)