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We had a birthday party for our son recently and I say of course it was Lego themed because really is there anything else out there in the universe! My son would beg to differ with you if you offered any alternatives. He turned eleven. I think this mommy is in shock at how fast all my children are growing up but he is my baby so with him turning eleven I honestly think I’m traumatized. Luckily he still let’s me hug and kiss him whenever I want unless of course, I start running after him as he’s walking with a group of friends after I drop him off at school screaming, “Pumpkin, mommy just wants one more cuddle!” I’m thinking that might not do at least for him but for me I can see myself doing it because I’ve certainly felt that way at times during the school year when I see another mom with their newborn. I definitely see myself beating The Duggars at that moment had I had a little longer having little ones left in me that didn’t see me labeled “ancient maternal age” or “Mummified maternal age.”:o) Of course when you need to have little ones to help you through your “senior moments” or to help you cross the street :O) maybe it’s time to stop. But that’s neither here nor there- back to the birthday boy!

The day was beautiful. We had the main table decorated with a Lego themed tablecloth. There were napkins, plates, cups, and party favors that all matched. The cake was so cute and yummy to boot. I think the part I liked the best was where each child got a small building set. The kids loved that. There’s just something about happy kids that can make any occasion! Did I mention that the cake was too yummy?!:O) My son was so happy and loved being the special birthday boy. He got great presents- most of them were Legos so he was byond happy. I’m beginning to think that we’re going to have to have him build onto his room a special room constructed with Legos just to house his massive Lego collection. After the party was over, he could hardly wait to get home and once there we didn’t see him until bedtime. I’m so grateful to everyone that made his day such a special day. I hope all little boys turning eleven out there have as happy a day as our baby boy (I can’t help it- I image he’ll always be my baby boy!) I included some links below for a great Lego themed birthday party. Until next time take care!